Who we are

"The company has managed to form a solid human team, which makes ALIANZA a guarantee of quality, compliance and efficiency."

ALIANZA began its activities in 1993. Since then it has been developed as a naval workshop dedicated to ship repair and shipbuilding, and is currently in full expansion stage.

During this time has acquired a great experience in both areas with an important history of work and clients. (Our activity began as a company outsourced by larger companies, but thanks to the joint work of all our people we have managed to evolve by acting as a company with its own profile and maintaining an exclusive portfolio of clients.) The company has managed to form a solid human team, which makes ALIANZA a guarantee of quality, compliance and efficiency.

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To offer our services (repair and shipbuilding, ship conversion, scrapping, industrial assembly) according to the highest quality standards, in a competitive way and complying with the specifications of our customers.


To develop our activity as a workshop of ship repair and naval constructions being considered by shipowners, maritime agencies, port operators, shipyards and other workshops, as a reference within the Uruguayan naval industry. To be recognized nationally and internationally for providing our services with the best cost, quality and delivery time.


Commitment to comply with our clients' regulatory requirements and contractual specifications To develop our activity committed to the continuous improvement of our processes, staff training and the use of appropriate equipment and technology.


Permanently qualified, motivated and committed to the company and its quality policy. Stable work team in its conformation and maintain good working links



In this important project approved by the government of the R. O. U., Alianza Uruguay has a future shipyard. The location of the shipyards is shown in the following group of images. The area is about 2500 m2.

Highlights of the future shipyard, Maximum length: 80m, Maximum width: 16m, Maximum weight: 3000 T